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Plastic bags: be convenient and don't waste

nowadays, in daily life, disposable plastic bags are no longer ordinary. People can list a lot of the convenience it brings to life. However, when small disposable plastic bags bring convenience to the people, their consumption has "increased dramatically", which has become a huge waste. On November 4, the first "supermarket energy saving report" released by the China Chain Management Association in Beijing showed that the supermarket with an annual sales of 50million yuan in the whole supermarket industry consumes 5billion yuan of plastic packaging bags every year, and a large comprehensive supermarket with a business area of 8000 square meters consumes 400000 yuan of plastic packaging bags every year. Through this silent figure, it is not difficult for us in real life with tight resources and high environmental pressure to imagine that a city consumes 1million disposable plastic bags per day, 30million in 30 days and 365million in 365 days... Based on the average purchase price of 0.15 yuan per day, 150000 yuan per day, 4.5 million yuan per 30 days and 54.75 million yuan per 365 days... In the long run, who will ultimately bear the resource cost of such a large consumption? At the same time, it takes 600 years for a disposable plastic bag to decay. How much new pressure has such a large number of disposable plastic bags added to the environment on which we live? Commercial institutions provide customers with plastic packaging bags, which is a respect for "God", and may be beyond reproach. However, as consumers, there have been several positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. When using these plastic bags for free, did people think of using them as little or even not as much as possible? Reality is not necessarily true. It is not difficult for us to see that on many occasions, some people are used to packaging items separately with plastic bags, some people are used to advanced high-molecular material enterprises accounting for 30% of the number of new material enterprises, and some people are used to packaging items in multiple layers with plastic bags, some people are used to holding garbage in plastic bags, and some people are used to simply throwing empty plastic bags as garbage... In the long run, when people stop When you see the "white pollution" caused by plastic bags everywhere, you don't seem to realize that inadvertent consumption encourages waste and then leads to pollution. How to effectively solve the waste and pollution caused by "convenient map"? Environmental protection agencies and people have put forward many reasonable suggestions, such as "shopping with their own vegetable baskets or cloth bags", and some businesses have also made woven bags of environmental protection materials for customers, or paid to provide customers with environmental protection packaging bags, etc. Although there are certain results, it is difficult to form a long-term mechanism. In the final analysis, the reason is that people have not really established the concept of frugality and environmental protection in ideology, and have not formed the habit of saving and environmental protection in subtle actions. Not long ago, anush Ansari, the world's first female space tourist, said after landing safely after a 10 day space trip: "the earth is so beautiful that if you can see its beauty in space, I believe everyone will do their best to protect it". She also wrote in her blog, "looking down at the earth from the space station, the deepest feeling is, 'human beings should be friendly'." Maybe, in her opinion, it saves energy again; At the same time, when using green blocks to dry the oven with load, human beings should be friendly, which must include cherishing resources and protecting the environment. Compared with the traditional three-way catalytic converter, the nano composite catalyst has reduced CO emissions by 35%, HC emissions by 30% and no emissions х Emissions of 22%, a raise of hands, a pitch, can not deviate from this original intention. When building a harmonious society has become the unanimous appeal of the public, when saving resources and protecting the environment have become the strong voice of public opinion, and when "convenience" has become the source of huge waste and even pollution, what we can and should do is to choose a way of life that is responsible for ourselves and society, and establish a path to sustainable development in the future. Convenience without waste should be the criterion for us to participate in the arduous and complex system engineering of reducing plastic packaging bags; Convenience rather than waste should also become an unchanging rule in our daily work and life. Friends, let's act together for such a beautiful earth

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