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Plastic bottle fashion environmental protection show

while the media are rushing to report plastic pollution, there are such a group of people using their way to reduce pollution and treat environmental protection. Recycling plastic bottles and spinning them into clothes. Buying a piece of clothes is equivalent to recycling 12 plastic bottles. This is what how bottle is doing. They want to make the business of "environmental protection + business" more interesting and grounded

interesting people make meaningful things interesting

good bottle team is not a traditional tight type. "Part of it comes from the network platform 'innovators', and part of it comes from marathon runners." Huang Ningning, co-founder of how bottle, told that after the concept came into being, she became the first employee of the company. Although the team now has only three fixed members, there is actually a large group of partners behind it. 1 Try to avoid turning off and then on the refrigeration unit within 3 minutes to avoid affecting the function of the compressor. Use spare time for online collaboration, and even some college teachers are taking part in the whole project with topic research to help connect resources

"innovators" focus on solving social problems with creativity, while marathoners gave birth to the budding concept of the whole good bottle. "In the past five years, sports and fitness have become more and more popular in China, and the number of marathons in China has increased nearly 10 times. It is amazing that each marathon produces six times the daily amount of garbage." Huang Ningning cited a piece of data: in an urban marathon, each athlete consumes an average of 10 bottles of water. Every year, more than 100000000 plastic bottles are produced in Chinese running events, which are as large as 630 football fields on the ground. In the competition, the life of a bottle is only 20 seconds, but it takes 500 years to degrade in the soil after being abandoned

the enthusiasm for environmental protection has never been extinguished, but we need to open up channels so that environmental protection can be implemented. Huang Ningning saw enthusiasm from this year's Lanzhou marathon and Taobao creation Festival. "We did two activities at the marathon site, one was to flash through wearing plastic bottles of clothes, and the other was to recycle plastic bottles and send cloth bags, which had a good effect. Some citizens even drove home to get bottles." Huang Ningning explained that many citizens are also ashamed when making garbage. Haoping is quantifying the environmental protection of its products: in Haoping's Taobao store, every piece of clothing and every cloth bag are specially marked with "12 bottles" and "3 bottles."

reopen the supply chain, from plastic bottles to clothes

"this is not black technology, which actually has mature technology in Europe and the United States!" "Such clothes have been disinfected by high temperature." Even though the team had earlier experience in participating in large venues such as the Lanzhou marathon, the explanation cost at the "creation Festival" was still high, which surprised Huang Ningning

the recycling of plastic bottles in Europe and the United States is mainly woven into coarse fibers, which are converted into sofa covers, curtains and other products. Such enterprises are not few, but there is no leader yet, but the profit is high. Other international brands also have product lines, focusing on environmental protection products. For example, Adidas and the environmental protection organization parley for the oceans have created the world's first pair of "marine garbage" running shoes. The materials used are mainly the marine garbage salvaged and recycled by fishermen. "But we want to make some affordable and accessible items." Huang Ningning said

the domestic industry is still in its infancy, and there are very few industry experts. Haoping has just entered the industry. At the beginning of the project, they even spent half a year to open up the supply chain. It is expected to produce about 10000 tons of spodumene concentrate from plastic bottles recycled to factory slicing, decomposed into different colors and materials, washed and disinfected, made into recycled particles, spun into long fibers and yarns, and then woven and dyed into clothes

now Haoping mainly serves the b-end (merchant end) market. "Many enterprises agree with this concept and help us get started. There are also many public welfare organizations asking us whether we can turn their recycled bottles into special batches of clothes." Huang Ningning explained that it is difficult for public welfare organizations to reach the level of tons, so there is no specific batch. Now Haoping is looking for manufacturers to negotiate this piece, but there is no case yet

power C-end makes environmental protection more fun

next, good bottles are ready to power on C-end (consumer end), which is currently in the pre-sale stage. "The C-end is more personalized, and they are more elusive, which will be the next challenge." Huang Ningning said that on the one hand, participating in Taobao creation Festival is to open the C-end market and make consumers more familiar with products. At present, this is a good start. The participants are relatively tolerant and can accept strange and new things. Many people also consult and cooperate after visiting

"making environmental protection fun and good-looking is our basic policy." Next, Huang Ningning is ready to enrich the production line with suppliers. On the one hand, it is to continue to make the fabric comfortable and easy to wear, and improve the fabric development ability. On the other hand, it is to improve the design sense of the product. The former needs to integrate more advanced weaving technology to make the fabric more breathable. They are going to mix the materials with cotton, so that the combination of environmental protection and nature can be more acceptable to Chinese consumers

everything is in the exploratory stage, which is the same for the product, as for the whole item 2: when doing the tensile test, Huang Ningning didn't think about the distant future of a good bottle. "Foreign enterprises have not achieved great success, and we have no benchmarking. It is not particularly clear how large they can achieve, but we hope to continue to do so." Huang Ningning is not afraid of "Taobao with the same model". Let's open the gap and expand the category together, because with the entry of more brands and the endorsement of larger brands, the interpretation cost of the project will be reduced. "The project cannot be done quietly, and then suddenly becomes very powerful. We will continue to find our own position in the market."

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