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Plastic bags can be processed into cement barrels, etc.

a Lian is well-known in the waste recycling industry in Xiamen. In her 50s, she has been doing waste recycling for more than 20 years

in order to interview the recycling of plastic bags, yesterday afternoon, I walked into a Lian's site, a huge waste recycling station behind the railway station. Unfortunately, (1) due to abnormal operation and man-made or natural disasters, I didn't see Alline herself, but talked with her son for half an afternoon. It is said that a Lian doesn't visit the front line of waste recycling in person now. She only comes here for oneortwo hours every day to guide the work. Now her son is basically responsible for the operation of the site. Pleasant Title: Recycling

at the site of the recycling bin, I saw piles of packed plastic bags, which were stacked in different categories. White plastic bags were considered to be of good quality and stacked on one side. Plastic bags with colors to mobilize the strength of all sectors of society were recognized as mainly testing new products and whether the products reached the standard after production. An important measurement tool was of poor quality and stacked on the other side

a Lian's son said that when the accumulation reached a certain amount, he would use the car to pull away the plastic bags and take them to the plastic processing plant for processing. After processing, plastic bags become plastic rice (plastic particles). Plastic barrels used to carry cement on the construction site, plastic stools and chairs used in large stalls and other places, and some low-end plastic products are made of this kind of plastic rice

a Lian, a college student son, is obviously more knowledgeable than her. He said that the career his mother has been engaged in for more than 20 years belongs to the industry of resource recycling. If plastic bags do not enter the waste recycling industry, they will be mixed into garbage or spread around, which will have a very serious impact on the environment. If you enter the recycling system, plastic bags will be "reborn" and become recyclable resources

nearly 100 tons of plastic bags are recycled every year

when he asked him how many plastic bags they could recycle in a day, he was stunned for a long time. At the prompt of his friend, he came to his senses. He said that plastic bags here are calculated by Jin, not by individual. The purchase price per kilogram is about 30 cents

he calculated that plastic bags can basically fill a car every week, and each car weighs about twoorthree tons. In other words, the total amount of plastic bags they recycled in a year is close to 100 tons, which is about one-third of the total amount of waste plastic bags in a day in Xiamen (the daily output of waste plastic bags in Xiamen is 270 tons)

a Lian's son thinks that his mother's industry is very glorious, but he still resents the lack of understanding of this industry in the society

an industry that has been hated for many years

a Lian has been engaged in waste recycling for more than 20 years, and the recycling site has been transferred no less than 10 times, each time forced to transfer. Some departments think that her recycling site is dirty and messy, which hinders the appearance of the city and has an impact on the surrounding environment. It is said that their current recycling site will also be taken back next year. Mother and son have no idea where to base themselves in the future

they also set up waste recycling points in some waste classification pilot communities in Xiamen, but they were forced to close down soon after the operation because many residents felt that the recycling points had polluted the community environment and strongly urged them to withdraw. They tried to explain to the residents that the waste recycled on the same day would be removed on the same day, and the impact of the recycling point on the environment was very limited, but the residents just didn't listen. At the peak, they have six recycling points, and so far there is only one

during the establishment of a national civilized city in Xiamen, someone sent a message to them that they should stop recycling waste, which would damage the civilized image of Xiamen

alian's son said that no matter how society doesn't understand, they will continue to work

he suggested that the plastic bags in residents' homes should not be thrown away casually or mixed into household garbage. Residents can save plastic bags. When they save a certain amount, they can sell plastic bags and other waste products to waste recyclers. He said that they would continue to recycle plastic bags as always

source: Xiamen Evening News

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