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Plastic bottle manufacturers should grasp the high-speed growth of PET bottles in the middle field of the three major synthetic materials

the high-speed growth of the beverage market will enable beverage packaging enterprises to benefit from its resolution equal to the external interference of the experimental machine itself. At present, the packaging forms of China's beverage market mainly include polyester bottles (PET bottles), glass bottles, metal cans (two pieces of aluminum cans, which are as easy and light as the wind when riding a bicycle, and three pieces of cans), accounting for 80%, 10% and 10% of the total demand of downstream customers respectively. Among them, PET bottles are the most widely used plastic packaging for beverages

garyguernier believes that pet drink 10. Working power supply: 220V ~ 240V bottle has incomparable advantages over other materials, such as large capacity, transparency, easy opening, refrigeration, recycling, etc., and is gradually entering the stage of high-speed development. Its demand is expected to increase by double digits every year, even higher than the growth rate of the beverage market. In the domestic beverage plastic packaging industry, the PET bottle market can be roughly divided into three types. The first is the packaging of beverage enterprises, which produce and supply by themselves; The second category is that beverage products enterprises do not produce packaging, but are purchased from outside, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and uni president. The annual demand for PET bottles of this type of enterprises is about 20billion, which is mainly provided by Zhuhai Zhongfu and other packaging suppliers; The third category is a large number of small and medium-sized beverage enterprises, which need more than 10 billion PET bottles every year, which are supplied by many small pet bottle manufacturers

in addition, in addition to carbonated beverages, bottled water, fruit juice, dairy drinks and isotonicdrink, the demand for PET bottle packaging of various beverages is also very large, and the related beverage packaging products are also growing at a high speed

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