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Plastic beer bottle a revolution in beer packaging

in people's concept, beer is packed in glass bottles or cans, but beer in PET plastic bottles has appeared! If you see a large beverage bottle packaged in brown plastic, don't treat it as a coke bottle -- it's a plastic beer bottle, because beer bottled in pet (polyester for short) plastic has quietly appeared, and many of them are the products of Zhuhai Zhongfu, the inventor of PET beer bottle. To be sure, with the increase in the output of beer manufacturers cooperating with Zhuhai Zhongfu, plastic beer bottles of Zhuhai Zhongfu can be seen in streets and alleys all over the country in recent years

pet plastic beer bottles, a revolution in beer packaging

as we all know, glass beer bottles and cans have many shortcomings. The disadvantages of the former are bulky, easy to break and unsafe; The disadvantage of the latter is the high cost. PET plastic beer bottles just make up for these defects of glass bottles and cans. PET beer bottles have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good toughness, not easy to break, saving transportation costs, and easy to make into various specifications and shapes. In addition, for consumers, PET beer bottles are not only suitable for carrying, but also will not cause accidental injuries such as explosion

as an emerging field of PET packaging, pet plastic beer bottles, with the above advantages, have gradually become the new favorite of beer packaging in the world, have broad development prospects, and will enter a rapid growth stage. In recent years, beer packaged in PET bottles has grown rapidly in the international soft drink market. In 2001, there were 300million plastic beer containers in the U.S. soft drink market alone, and PET bottled beer in the UK accounted for nearly 10% of the market share. At present, a considerable number of breweries in the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries have adopted polyester plastic bottle packaging. This year, PET bottled beer with multi-functional properties has produced nearly 10billion beer worldwide. Based on the current annual beer output of 23million tons in China, if PET bottled beer is used for 10% of them, and the capacity of each beer is 500 ml, the annual demand will reach more than 4 billion, and the market prospect is very attractive

in China, beer products packaged in PET bottles by many beer manufacturers have been listed, and the market has received enthusiastic response. Once it is widely accepted by the majority of consumers, it will inevitably lead to a revolution in beer packaging. The prospect is extremely broad, and there will be more and more beer in plastic bottles on the market. In the near future, beer packaging will be divided equally by glass bottles, cans and PET bottles. With the further improvement of PET plastic bottle production technology, PET bottled beer will have more and more advantages in the beer market

Zhuhai Zhongfu successfully developed the world's first PET beer bottle

what makes Chinese people proud is that the world's first pet plastic beer packaging bottle was developed by Zhuhai Zhongfu

the development and production of plastic beer bottles need to overcome many technical problems, including sterilization, beer preservation, etc. 95% of beer in China is produced by pasteurization, and the use of packaging bottles is required to be resistant to ℃ cooking. In addition, the packaging requirements of plastic beer bottles are also very high, otherwise, it is difficult to meet the requirements of long-term preservation. Zhongfu people actively adopted a large number of new technologies and invested huge amounts of money in research and development, successfully solved these problems, and successfully developed the world's first pet plastic beer packaging bottle

different from ordinary PET bottles, Zhuhai Zhongfu's pet plastic beer bottles are produced by introducing foreign advanced technology sharing plastic equipment, which is the three purchase standards of electronic tensile testing machine, and by optimizing raw materials, optimizing bottle blank design, optimizing co injection technology and bottle blowing technology. The PET beer bottle has a three-layer oxygen barrier structure, which has the characteristics of high barrier, heat resistance, pressure resistance, light protection and transparency, and meets the requirements of pasteurization process. It makes the bottled beer have a good flavor during the storage period, and can keep the beer fresh in the PET bottle for up to 100 days. Several new products of the company in the second half of the year are expected to achieve mass production. This product has obtained a number of patents, filled the domestic gap, reached the international advanced level, and was listed in the 2004 national key new product catalogue and the 2004 Guangdong provincial key high-tech product catalogue. The company is also the only plastic beer bottle manufacturer in China that has passed the "pasteurization" certification

Zhuhai Zhongfu has tested and produced 350 ml and 500 ml PET bottles, and is developing 1.5L and 2L high-capacity PET beer bottles. At present, the company is building a new plant and preparing for mass production, which will become an important profit growth point of the company in the future

Zhuhai Zhongfu PET beer bottles enter mass production

as the first company in the world to develop PET plastic beer packaging bottles and the only company in China that has passed the pasteurization certification, Zhuhai Zhongfu will be in a position to enjoy the rapid growth of profits in the pet plastic beer packaging industry

this year, the company's PET beer bottle business development has achieved initial results, and has signed beer bottle contracts with a number of domestic beer enterprises. At present, the company has signed batch supply agreements with four beer enterprises, including Yanjing, lanbei, Jinxing and Lianwei, which mainly supply 1.6L household pet beer bottles. Among them, Zhuhai Zhongfu company officially signed a contract with lanbei Beer Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Blue Ribbon beer, to produce PET beer bottles in Luan lanbei Beer Co., Ltd., Hebei Province, and will be officially put into production in October. This is the first beer bottle conjoined production line of Zhuhai Zhongfu company supporting the beer filling production line in the brewery. After connecting with lanbei beer, PET bottles produced by Zhuhai Zhongfu bottle blowing machine are directly sent to the beer filling line for canning through the conveying line, so that bottle blowing, bottle supply and filling can be completed at one go. Compared with the use of traditional glass bottles, this process reduces the intermediate links such as transportation and bottle loading, and has higher production efficiency and better sanitation

last year, Zhuhai Zhongfu has put into operation a PET beer bottle production line, with an output of 40million PET beer bottles. This year, the company has added two new PET beer bottle production lines, and it is expected that the sales volume of PET beer bottles will easily exceed 100million (1.6 liters) this year, and the PET beer bottle business of the company will see explosive growth in the next year and the following year. At the same time, with the increase of the output of the above domestic beer enterprises, Chinese people will enjoy more and more beer bottled in PET plastic

in addition, Zhuhai Zhongfu's beer bottles have also gone abroad and won a good reputation. Last year, the company exported nearly 40million beer bottle embryos to South Korea, and about 40% of the beer bottles locally were packaged with pet. In South Korea, one out of every 10 beer bottles comes from Zhongfu. Half of the PET bottles used by Hite, one of the largest brewers in South Korea, are provided by Zhongfu

optimize the industrial structure and continue to maintain the leading position in the industry

in addition to the highlights of PET plastic beer bottles, vigorously developing the OEM filling business of drinking water will also become another business growth focus of the company this year. At present, the company has 11 drinking water processing lines, with an average monthly drinking water production capacity of more than 1million boxes, mainly for "Coca Cola", "Pepsi Cola" and "unified" and other supporting services. In particular, "Coca Cola", its drinking water is basically produced by Zhuhai Zhongfu

in the first half of this year, the filling beverage business made a significant contribution to the company's performance. The company said that it would continue to expand its business in the second half of the year, and its goal this year was to expand 20 production lines. Last year, the company's drinking water filling volume was about 30million bottles, and this year it is conservatively estimated that it will reach 700-800 million bottles, with a year-on-year growth rate of 2.5-3 times. It is expected that the filling water business of Zhuhai zhongfuming and later years will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 50%

in addition, the market share of PET bottles for hot filling is also expanding

by optimizing the industrial structure, Zhuhai Zhongfu is forming a one-stop business structure of "raw materials - finished products - generation filling", which will further expand the company's market share in the plastic packaging industry, consolidate the company's position as the largest supplier of American "Coca Cola" and "Pepsi" in China's plastic packaging bottles, and continue to maintain the company's leading advantage in China's plastic packaging industry

the share reform makes the company's development even stronger.

the ongoing share reform will also make the company's development even stronger and soar. After Zhuhai Zhongfu implemented the share reform, the company's equity was fully circulated, the corporate governance structure was optimized, and a good external constraint mechanism and incentive mechanism were formed for the company's managers, which will have a positive impact on the company's long-term development in the future. The company will continue to strengthen management, give play to its R & D advantages, expand its product line, and repay the love of investors with better performance

Zhuhai Zhongfu has a large number of experienced professionals in PET bottle R & D and production, and has independently developed a number of domestic and international advanced new processes and products. At present, new bottomless PET beverage bottles, bottle embryos and pet hot filling bottles are national key new products and national Spark plan projects. OPP labels are listed in Guangdong spark plan, and PET plastic beer bottles are listed in Guangdong spark plan. The company will soon carry out large-scale production of PE heat shrinkable film, which is the first time in China and is at the leading level in China

as one of the largest domestic PET bottle suppliers, Zhuhai Zhongfu has a domestic market share of more than half. After the implementation of the share reform, the company will continue to "win by quantity, win by quality, open the way by sales, and seek efficiency by management", "based in Zhuhai, go to the country, go to the world, and create brilliance again". It is believed that the majority of consumers will also drink more and more drinking water and beer provided by Zhuhai Zhongfu in PET plastic packaging

source: Securities Times

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