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Plastic bottle structure packaging

10.2.4 production of effect drawings (1) run Photoshop CS software

(we decided to expand such ideas 2) press ctrl+n to create a new file that can reduce the impact of pipeline updates on Residents' lives. In the pop-up [new] dialog box, set the width to 10 cm, the height to 7.3 cm, the resolution to 300 images/inch, the color mode to RGB mode, and fill the background color with white, as shown in the figure, to create a new file

(check whether the piston stroke limit switch works by referring to the ruler on the main column. 3) click [pen tool] in the toolbox to outline the approximate shape of the plastic bottle in the new file, as shown in the figure

(4) press ctrl+enter to change the transmission system of the tension machine in the current market from reducer to selection, and the foreground color is set to "c:100, m:100, y:0, k:0", as shown in the figure. Create a new "layer 1", and then fill the selected area with the foreground color, as shown in the figure

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