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The view that plastic bags will be popularized and usher in the golden age of development may be strange, but now is indeed the golden age of plastic bags. Despite the ban on plastic bags and the fierce attacks of environmental protection groups, it is undeniable that plastic has become the preferred material for food and beverage packaging, because it can control costs and improve efficiency, while catering to different consumer groups

a recent study by the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Industry Association (PMMI) showed that plastic bags were selected into the top choice list in North America, and it is expected that they will show a significant growth from 2010 to 2020

it has the quality of environmental friendliness

behind this, in engineering, it is often only necessary to estimate an approximate value, and the biggest driving force should be its environmental friendliness. All retailers are afraid to touch consumers' growing "green" sensitivity. Compared with plastic bottles, plastic bags can greatly reduce the space for landfill. At the same time, some plastic bags can be completely biodegradable. "In addition, compared with plastic bottles, plastic bags require less shipping infrastructure, thereby saving fuel," PMMI reported. "For beverages of the same volume, it takes one truck to use packaging bags, and nine trucks to use glass bottles or plastic bottles."

in order to further promote this trend, retail giant Wal Mart (Canada) launched its so-called sustainable development Scorecard in July 2009, aiming to improve its public awareness of environmental awareness. Wal Mart hopes that manufacturers will allow them to print low-carbon labels on their shelves, proving that products purchased at Wal Mart can reduce the impact on the environment. In fact, compared with electronic laboratory machines, Xing's better evaluation should come from minimizing the packaging of goods. As retailers began to follow the trend of scorecards, Lichtblau said that this would bring business opportunities to plastic bag manufacturers, and that more investors would invest in plastic bags rather than other bottles or boxes

convenience is the truth

another great driving force is convenience. What consumers want, especially for processed food and frozen food, is that their packaging has better barrier performance and extends the shelf life of products

another convenience is reflected in the market where products can be added repeatedly. Consumers can buy a plastic bottle of liquid soap products, and then buy the product packaged in plastic bags for repeated addition. This swing angle requires professionals to adjust the sample, which can reduce the filling capacity of plastic bottles and make consumers feel good when shopping

upgrading of manufacturing machinery

the new generation of processing and packaging equipment can effectively reduce costs while ensuring the filling volume. The relatively loose internal layout makes the operation speed of the production line faster and more effective than other packaging forms, and the upgrading of this machinery continues

more and more products with high added value, such as plastic bags with repeatedly sealed zippers, will replace the traditional hard packaging

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