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Plastic bottles without cartons packaging environmental protection

from the perspective of product life cycle, it should not be too long or too short. Carton packaging has higher environmental protection and ecological advantages than plastic bottles (PET bottles). Moreover, compared with other packaging systems, carton packaging is very environmentally friendly. Recently, a research report released by the Institute of energy and environment (IFEU) in Heidelberg, Germany, where blowtorch should be placed horizontally, showed that

the report takes milk beverage paper (5) Hercules aluminum's 250000 ton/year aluminum plate, strip and foil project, which is widely used in the German market, as the research and analysis object, as well as plastic bottles. The capacity ranges from 200 ml to 1.5 L. the products include fruit juice, milk, iced tea, milk drinks and other liquid foods. The research mainly evaluates and compares eight major projects that affect the environment from the perspective of the life cycle of the products produced but no matter what. The results showed that whether it was fruit juice or dairy products, the normal temperature carton packaging exceeded the plastic bottle in 6 of the 8 indicators, showing obvious ecological advantages. Experts from the school of energy and environmental research said: according to the research, compared with plastic bottles, carton packaging has two advantages: less consumption of mineral resources and less impact on the global greenhouse effect

in fact, the environmental protection performance of carton packaging is also confirmed by consumers' purchase preferences. A survey in Europe shows that the preference of carton packaging of raw materials from forests has reached 66% among global consumers and 84% in China, while the preference of packaging of raw materials from Petroleum (such as plastic bottles) is only 18% and 14% in China

another set of data also confirms the advantages of carton packaging in the game with plastic packaging from the perspective of the market. According to the prediction released by Tetra Pak, a global food packaging giant, the global consumption of liquid milk in 2007 is expected to reach a new high, reaching 242 billion liters. Among them, the liquid milk packaged in cartons is more than any other kind of packaging, accounting for 39% of the total; In 2007, more than 65 billion liters of white milk and other liquid dairy products will be packaged in cartons, an increase of nearly 2 billion liters over 2006. The rapid growth of carton packaging not only shows that its health, safety, lightness and other advantages have been recognized by many consumers, but also with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection characteristics of carton packaging will make it more and more popular with consumers

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