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Plastic bottle drinks should not be drunk after heating for a long time

these days, the white snowflakes add a sense of winter to Hangzhou, and the temperature has also fallen below zero. In such a cold day, many consumers like to have a warm hot drink to drive away the cold. Many convenience stores and beverage stalls also aim at this business opportunity and launch free beverage heating services to attract customers

however, all kinds of beverages packaged in plastic bottles and cans are placed in the heating cabinet for a long time, and many convenience stores are open 24 hours a day, which means that plastic bottles of beverages will also be heated 24 hours a day. In this regard, some consumers question whether these plastic bottles, which have been heated repeatedly for a long time, will release harmful substances harmful to human health

in response to the concerns of consumers, experts said that it is best to drink plastic bottles at room temperature

cold weather

customers love to choose heated drinks

yesterday, I visited several well-known chain convenience stores and found that heated drinks are very popular

come to a well-known chain convenience store in Taiwan on Zhongshan North Road and plan to buy a bottle of tea

do you need heated ones? We offer heated drinks. On the recommendation of the clerk, I found a small three-story heating cabinet beside the cashier, which was filled with various plastic bottled fruit juice, tea drinks and coffee drinks

now the weather is cold, and customers who come to buy drinks like this kind of heated drink. As long as we remind them that it has been heated, they won't want it at room temperature. The clerk told that these heated drinks didn't need extra charge, so they were especially popular with customers in cold weather. After staying in the convenience store for nearly 20 minutes, the person who recorded the fixture components of the plate and the pin found that three customers chose to buy the drinks in the heating cabinet

Miss Jin, a customer, told me that she often buys heated coffee drinks in convenience stores. I usually come out after lunch to buy a bottle of such drinks. It's best to drink when it's cold, and I can hold warm hands on the way. However, Miss Jin said that she had never been concerned about the release of harmful substances after heating plastic bottles. After reminding, she said that she would choose heated drinks packaged in aluminum cans or paper in the future

there is no standard shelf life for plastic bottle drinks after heating

then I came to a well-known chain convenience store on Fengqi road. The electronic screen of the heating cabinet showed that the temperature of the heating cabinet was set to 45 ℃. Among the several convenience stores visited, this is the only one that uses a temperature display heating cabinet

our store doesn't close for 24 hours, and the heating cabinet is also open all day. If it hasn't been sold, it has been kept in it for repeated heating. After it is sold out, we will change a batch of new ones, which can generally be sold within a week. The clerk said. But when asked how many days the drinks in the heating cabinet had been kept, several clerks were unable to say the specific time

the shelf life of plastic bottled drinks can reach 9 months, but what about after heating? The clerk told them that they would set the shelf life of the plastic bottles in the heating cabinet according to different materials, and this standard was decided by the merchants themselves. At present, there was no relevant reference standard, and no professional organization participated in setting the shelf life time. We can see that among the drinks in the heating cabinet, the shelf life of plastic bottle drinks is 7 to 14 days, such as juice, milk tea, black tea and other drinks. The shelf life of coffee in aluminum cans is one month. The clerk said that as long as the labeled shelf life was not exceeded, these drinks would not have quality problems

experts remind

plastic bottle drinks

should be drunk at room temperature

all plastic bottles are not suitable for heating, more (2). Electric bridge method: since there are buried cables, it is suitable for storage at room temperature. Dongjinshi, an environmental protection expert and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, told. It is understood that the bottom of plastic bottles on the market will have a triangle icon with arrows, which will have a number, ranging from 1 to 7. Generally, plastic bottles for beverages are numbered 1, that is, pet, that is, polyethylene terephthalate. As the temperature rises, the possibility of plastic releasing harmful substances will also increase. In particular, the polyester component in PET plastic bottles will be released with the increase of temperature, producing carcinogens, which are harmful to the liver and human immune system. Dong Jinshi said

Dong Jinshi suggested that if consumers want to drink hot drinks, it is safer to pour the drinks in plastic bottles into glasses, ceramic or stainless steel containers for heating

Wang Liqun, deputy director of the Institute of polymer science of Zhejiang University, also said that the main material of pet is polyester. After a certain temperature is exceeded, long-term heating will stop the real-time display of experimental data, recording, printing and degradation. In addition, in the process of processing polyester into containers, it is necessary to add additives such as stabilizers, crystallization agents, anti ultraviolet agents, etc. these ingredients will also be released during heating, which will cause harm after being ingested by the human body through beverages

however, Wang Liqun also said that generally speaking, heating pet at 40 ~ 50 ℃ is not a problem, but for safety reasons, he also advised consumers not to drink such drinks for a long time

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