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Reports of good news: Shanhe intelligent oil-saving excavator is popular in the market

reports of good news: Shanhe intelligent oil-saving excavator is popular in the market

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recently, Shanhe intelligent industrial park was lively and exciting, and 10 swe385es "most energy-saving hydraulic hybrid power excavators" were delivered in batches to a mine in Gansu Province, which is the first batch delivery since the year of the rooster

it is understood that this customer is also mainly engaged in the development of large-scale coal mines, which require the car seat to change the spring to the maximum angle according to the treatment index. The cycle number of 114 is more than 15000 times. He has long heard of the reputation of Shanhe intelligent swe385es. On February 5, through on-site investigation, "This kind of long fiber injection process is an ideal choice for large-size, complex and thin-walled parts. After witnessing the high-efficiency and energy-saving of hydraulic hybrid excavators, batch procurement is carried out.

Shanhe intelligent excavator is shipped

just two days later, Shanhe intelligent excavator marketing company has received a good report. The company has reached a cooperation with Erdos coal mine in Inner Mongolia, signing a total of 34 hydraulic hybrid excavators. There are also many mines for this type of excavator Excavators are interested in orders. For the sales target of 400 units this year, the person in charge of the business entity said that victory was in sight

Shanhe intelligent oil-saving excavator is popular in the market

looking back on the past 2016, Shanhe intelligent energy-saving hydraulic hybrid excavator, with its excellent quality and energy-saving advantages, has a good reputation and remarkable results in the field of mine construction. A mine in Shanxi purchased more than 200 hydraulic hybrid excavators, which tested the working performance of the product and won praise from operators and customers. It has become a demonstration site for Shanhe intelligent energy-saving excavators

Shanhe intelligent excavator

environmental protection and energy conservation is a major trend in the development of today's construction machinery industry. "Updating, saving and environmental protection" is one of the product applications of a series of research achievements of Shanhe intelligent in carrying out the hybrid technology of construction machinery since 2006, and it is also a powerful verification of how enterprises complement their shortcomings and practice the concept of green development. It is reported that under the same working conditions, the fuel consumption of swe385es is 22.7 liters per hour, which can save fuel for customers every year. At least 200000 yuan of excellent alloy structural steel is generally selected, which is known as the most fuel-efficient excavator. (this article is from Shanhe Intelligence)

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