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How can instrument agents survive and develop in the "polarization"?

during the reform and opening up in the 1980s, a number of outstanding agent teams emerged in the instrument industry. Louis in Hong Kong, huayuehang in Guangzhou, Southeast scientific instrument, Beijing cybertronics, Jinan precision, and many distributors began their instrument agency business more than a decade ago, 20 years ago, and even 30 years ago in the 1980s, The's is the golden age of channels. For example, the intensity of competition in the business environment cannot be compared with that 30 years ago. Nowadays, the business environment faced by dealers has undergone earth shaking changes. According to the survey, the survival situation of agents and dealers in the instrument industry is extremely difficult

first, market competition intensifies. Look at the big dealers in the region in the past, especially brand agents. How are they developing today? The industry has broad prospects for development. After experiencing the impact of Internet and mobile Internet, big brand agents will face a polarized route: on the one hand, agents who change the current situation and actively look for a way out, on the other hand, agents who stick to the traditional business model

on the other hand, it is hard for dealers on this road to survive if they stick to the traditional business model, simple delivery and credit sales, and the more standardized the market environment

the reason why there is a polarization route is entirely related to the dealers' analysis of the social environment and their understanding of the Internet. From the perspective of brand agents in the instrument industry, there are two different characteristics: agents actively seeking transformation make continuous efforts in four directions, such as: always developing upstream, creating self built brands, to offset the instability of channel agents, such as Shandong elite, Beijing Cybertron, Xiamen Ruike, etc.; the second is horizontal development, establishing a third-party laboratory to work towards testing services; the third is trying to build a self built platform, Continue to try, such as Shandong Laibao, Shanghai Maiyi, Shanghai Shaying and other platforms. Fourth, develop in the direction of downstream services and establish regional service centers

sticking to the traditional business model is a customer resource established by relationship marketing. Once the relationship breaks, it will basically enter a dead end. Simple delivery and credit sales. When the market environment is more standardized, the dealers on this road are extremely difficult to survive. To put it bluntly, they are porters in the instrument industry, who give customers what they want, earn a meager interest margin, and have no basic service ability. Most businesses are done by the boss. Such a route is not too big to die of hunger. If the dealers still follow this route at this stage, they will soon face a big impact from the manufacturers of giant cars who put the comfort in the car in an important position

second, channel squeeze caused by information symmetry. With the development of channel informatization in the instrument industry, brand agents are facing unprecedented impact. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation have prompted the industry to produce a number of small dealers who are cannibalizing the market of brand agents. Low end consumables and desktop small instruments are also continuously transparent with the development of Internet. How brand agents will develop has become an insurmountable bottleneck for current instrument channel enterprises

looking back on the development stages of channel providers in China's instrument industry, let's see how to lay out in the future

the first stage relies on courage to seize opportunities. Others dare not go to the sea, I go to the sea; What others dare not do, I will do, and the result will be. At present, a large number of well-known brand agents in the instrument industry went to the sea in the s, and their courage made their careers

the second stage relies on information asymmetry. The emergence of Internet has basically eliminated information asymmetry, and the instrument industry is also facing the same dilemma. Coupled with the particularity of the instrument industry, many enterprises dare not face the Internet, and even conflict with the network. People who used to make money by information asymmetry have felt difficult to walk. Massive explosive information dissemination also overwhelmed enterprises. However, information dissemination allows everyone, including our customers and our competitors, to easily obtain information. Their speed of mastering information is synchronized with us and even exceeds that of the channel providers themselves. If the instrument channel providers still rely on information asymmetry to "eat", the future survival situation will be extremely difficult

the third very important thing is channel sinking. Large foreign brands have infiltrated China for many years and established a huge sales service network. The current brand agents seem to be very bright, with an annual flow of more than 100 million, but the actual profits have been accurately calculated by the manufacturers. However, the profits of millions, excluding labor and management, are far from easy to do ten years ago. At the same time, foreign brands are also increasing the channel sinking in third and fourth tier cities. For regional brand agents, It will be difficult because the channels become shorter. This will be a trend that none of us can stop. Many users and small instruments can find the price, and are likely to bypass the dealer and cooperate directly with the manufacturer

the fourth is service improvement. Now the service is getting more and more difficult, and it really needs to be improved. The difficulty of service in the instrument industry is determined by the characteristics of the industry. A resource dealer sells countless product categories to terminals every year. If you want to know about each product, the agent needs to master too much knowledge. If there are problems that cannot be handled in time, customers will be dissatisfied with the service and become the bottleneck of the instrument industry. The single machine profit competition in the instrument industry has reached an extreme level, and only expanding services is the guarantee of profits

the fifth current situation of the business environment is the reduction of profits. In the instrument industry, the degree of competition is becoming more and more intense. The original visible competitors are gradually disappearing. There are tens of thousands of small dealers, Internet e-commerce platforms, and even the monopoly giant kasima in the customer industry. There is no doubt that the more mature this industry is, the lower the profit will be. We can no longer sell a product for ten yuan for three yuan, as we did 30 years ago; But now the situation is likely to be, ten dollars into, sell eleven, two. The profit competition has reached an extreme level. We should note that it is not that the product itself has no profit, but that the business model has changed greatly. Early layout will help enterprises better control the future

sixth, enrichment effect. Some good employees go to good companies, good dealers follow good enterprises, and poor dealers follow poor enterprises. This is called the enrichment effect, which is better and better. Competent channel providers will choose large brands because of their high popularity and good customer recognition. Small dealers have no strength and can only choose some unknown brands. For a long time, it has become seriously polarized, resulting in a strong enrichment effect

important note: interconnection presents a big explosion of knowledge and information, but each way to obtain information is limited after all. Although interconnection can eliminate information asymmetry, it cannot eliminate knowledge asymmetry. In the past, "eating" depended on information, and in the future, "eating" depended on service. The development of networks, the renewal of knowledge and the regional service ability are the source of our life. Without a grasp of the times and an understanding of knowledge updating, this is a landmark change. With the enhancement of service ability, instrument channel providers will face extreme cold. As the only domestic solution provider and service provider of metal component gradient wear-resistant system, Wu Hongyu's after-sales service technology certification training in the instrument industry is to improve the after-sales service ability of channel providers. It is expected that the instrument industry can find a way to adapt to the development of the industry today

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