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How DSLAM adapts to the technical upgrading of ADSL

at present, with the rapid development of Internet, the demand of personal and commercial users for broadband access continues to grow. Especially in recent years, with the rapid decline of the overall construction volume of the communication industry, the construction of broadband network has become even more outstanding

among them, ADSL has become the hottest topic. However, because ADSL technology is still in the process of continuous development, DSLAM equipment is still in the stage of continuous optimization; In addition, according to the consideration of architecture, kernel design, value-added function, scalability and other aspects, the personalized characteristics of the equipment of various manufacturers are obvious. Therefore, how to select the DSLAM equipment suitable for itself should be a problem worthy of careful consideration by operators, and relevant technical issues still need to be discussed with equipment manufacturers

as an indispensable part of the access layer in the current IP metro construction, the technical content of DSLAM equipment should be beyond doubt. At the same time, it should be noted that two technical factors determine that the technical content of DSLAM equipment is still improving: first, new technologies emerge in endlessly, such as adsl2/2 +, dmt-vdsl and other new technologies, which make DSL copper wire access mode increasingly attracting attention; Second, with the extensive application of DSLAM equipment, the development of various technologies such as line testing, user end management, and management function enhancement assist in the optimization of DSL network construction convenience and operation and maintenance capacity

the formulation of new standards and the rapid development of technology are the key to the foothold of ADSL technology. The adsl2/2 + technology developed in 2003 has made great progress compared with the original ADSL Technology in terms of channel bandwidth, transmission power consumption, transmission distance, line testing, etc

adsl line grabbing function can make DSLAM equipment interworking well with 112 broadband test system to jointly complete the test of user loop. The equipment manufacturer should design a special test bus in the system to calculate the corresponding wear, and support cascade testing to realize internal and external testing methods, etc

at present, the place with the highest failure rate is the CPE end. However, due to the inability to detect in advance, the Bureau has just begun to use it in a large scale in China, and the party's personnel must visit everything, resulting in a huge maintenance workload. Whether the user-side parameters can be read from unified management and the cause of the fault can be analyzed is also a matter of great concern

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different manufacturers have different considerations on the structural system design of DSLAM equipment, the types of access services, the cascading expansion mode of equipment, etc., showing the personalized characteristics of the equipment. These internal design ideas and performance characteristics require close communication between equipment manufacturers and operators

the difference in the structural system design of equipment will achieve different results in the whole China. For example, the key to solving the problem of space tension in the computer room is to improve the access density per unit volume. A concept we must establish is that simply pursuing the improvement of board integration is not the best solution, because this is often based on increasing the height of the machine disk, or on the premise of using a separate separator sub frame. These design patterns themselves will greatly reduce the space utilization rate. In addition, they will increase the number of connecting cables and increase the failure rate. Therefore, the number of access lines per unit volume should be one of the parameters that operators should focus on when selecting equipment

the diversification of business interface types is the basis for meeting customers' personalized needs. However, whether the business support ability is strong or not depends not only on the type of business supported by the equipment, but also on whether the implementation method is reasonable. These should be investigated from the technical details and have in-depth exchanges with various equipment manufacturers

of course, public information shows that a mainstream idea in the industry is that with the commercialization of dmt-vdsl technology and the continuous maturity of ADSL2 + technology, DSL access methods are gradually becoming unified, and various business implementation methods tend to be assimilated. This is a direction of technological development, and great attention should be paid to network construction

for the security consideration of DSLAM equipment, it is necessary to plan in the structural design, such as redundant backup of key components of the equipment, selection of power supply mode, etc., as well as the bus structure, which is often ignored. The adoption of bus type or star mode is related to the bandwidth guarantee and protection of each service board. Different considerations of major manufacturers in the overall design will directly affect the realization of system safety performance. (end)

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