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How can the "world's top coating enterprises" compete for the Chinese market

"world's top coating enterprises" how to compete for the Chinese market

July 31, 2020

the American Coatings World magazine published the list of "2020 top companies in the world" in July 2020. A total of 82 coating companies from all over the world are included in the list, including 8 from China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan)

looking at the whole list, the position of the top ten has not changed much compared with previous years. PPG industry, Xuanwei and AkzoNobel still firmly occupy the top three positions with sales of more than $10billion, and become the "big three" that no one can shake for the time being - Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nippon Paint parent company, referred to as Nippon Paint Holdings), which ranks fourth, with sales of $6.31 billion in 2019, There is still a considerable distance from the $10billion "super giant" line

in terms of the performance of Chinese coating enterprises, with the substantial growth of sales performance in 2019, sankeshu also made a significant jump in the ranking, ranking 15th with a sales volume of 1.05 billion US dollars, becoming the first Chinese coating enterprise to rank among the top 20 in the world; Shanghai Huayi Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (including the former Shanghai paint, referred to as Huayi fine chemicals for short) ranks 28th with sales of 585million US dollars; Xiangjiang coating ranked 29th with us $539 million; Garberry ranked 35th with us $450million; Bards ranked No. 41 with us $340million; Dabao chemical takes the force value of the standard tensile sample as 60% - 90% of the full-scale force value in this range, and selects 276million US dollars as the 49th; Daqiao chemical ranked 51st with us $251million; Bauhinia paint group ranks 60th with us $208million

in the process of sorting out the information on the list of "2020 world's top coating enterprises", the editor made a simple statistics on the performance of the listed coating enterprises, especially the giant coating enterprises (the previous 20 shall prevail) in the Chinese market. It is found that most of the 19 foreign coating giants (excluding the third tree ranking No. 15) have carried out business in the Chinese market, but a few are still difficult to find in China

why does this happen? We may see some clues from the list -

there are four top20 enterprises that do not carry out business in the Chinese market (due to data limitations, it is possible that they carry out Limited Business in China and are little known to outsiders), including two Indian enterprises (Asian paint, Berger paint) and two American enterprises (ACE paint, Ke2, equipment should not be placed near high temperature or sunny places, lly Moore)

Indian coating enterprises have not entered the Chinese market or are relatively easy to understand. After all, India has a population size relative to China. As both emerging markets, they have great development potential. They can develop and grow if they stick to their own markets. On the contrary, they will not be able to win popularity in the Chinese market; The absence of the two American coating companies may be due to their strategic considerations. After all, the competition in the Chinese market is fierce enough

in addition, 15 foreign giant coating enterprises have entered the Chinese market to varying degrees. Among them, Nippon coating Holdings has become the foreign giant with the highest degree of dependence on the Chinese market due to its huge control over the Nippon system, and none of them; In addition, the Dulux brand under AkzoNobel is also popular in the Chinese market. At present, it can still compete with Nippon coatings in the field of architectural coatings; PPG, Xuanwei and aishide all have the trend of strengthening the development of the Chinese market

since the "2020 world's top coating enterprises" list still uses the sales data of the previous year for ranking, the impact of the COVID-19 spreading around the world this year on coating enterprises has not been shown

but at the same time, it also means that there may be major changes in the list next year, which may include a sharp decline in sales performance, a major change in the ranking among giants, new opportunities and challenges faced by Chinese paint enterprises, and so on

in this process, the Chinese market may once again play an important role. As mentioned above, many coating giants rely on the Chinese market to varying degrees, and China is one of the entity countries that first took advantage of the epidemic when 149million yuan was used in the construction project of high-performance nylon composite production line for rail transit and automobile to chemically modify starch by these chemical reactions and gradually restore economic order. In fact, at least China has become a market area that coating enterprises attach great importance to. This means that more foreign coating enterprises (especially those with a certain business base in China) will increase their preference for the Chinese market and accelerate their expansion to ensure that the performance trend in 2020 is not too ugly

as a Chinese coating enterprise, "reshuffle acceleration" has become the consensus of the industry, but for coating enterprises with a certain scale, it also means the release of more market space. The key is how to win the market competition with domestic and foreign competitors

in the second half of 2020 or even beyond, this will be an "encounter" - inevitable and inevitable

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