Development of the hottest plastic packaging equip

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The development of plastic packaging equipment is based on two force pillars and measured with a dial gauge

modern packaging equipment is a high-tech product integrating light, machinery, electricity, magnetism, bionics and aesthetics. Its comprehensive support ability of new materials in its more important fields has been significantly improved, and the new speed is amazing. Experts believe that environmental protection and multi-function will become the development direction of packaging equipment

at present, many high-tech achievements have been applied in packaging equipment, such as three-dimensional laser scanning design machine. In addition to developing automatic intelligent and digital packaging equipment, high-speed film making and bag making equipment, and large-scale hollow container (container barrel, hollow pallet) molding equipment with more than 1000 liters, some countries are trying to develop new packaging equipment such as energy-saving regeneration and comprehensive utilization. Its main feature is that one machine has multiple functions, and the output and speed are greatly improved through introduction

in addition, due to people's increasing attention to the recycling of waste plastics, the development of recycling equipment has been strengthened, and various crushers have complete types and specifications. The development of secondary processing equipment and processing technology and the development of new applications are common maintenance, which is particularly important. Another development direction of plastic packaging equipment

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