Development of the hottest packaging technology

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Overview of the development of packaging technology

at first, people used natural substances as packaging materials and packed them manually, such as rice dumplings wrapped in reed leaves, fish meat wrapped in lotus leaves, medicine filled with gourds, water, oil, wine and so on. These activities can only be broadly attributed to the scope of packaging, which belongs to the initial stage, but does not involve packaging technology

natural substances are processed once to make straw bags, straw ropes, wicker baskets, bamboo baskets, gunny bags, wooden boxes, pottery pots, etc. Manual packaging is adopted. This packaging method is very simple and belongs to the low-level stage

natural substances are processed once or twice to make a variety of packaging containers, sealing, binding, wrapping materials and protective coating materials, and can also meet the general requirements of storage, transportation, sales and use. At the same time, the scope of commodity packaging requirements is expanding, the number is growing, and the packaging technology has also developed rapidly, which belongs to the development stage

with the progress of science and technology and the development of industry, agriculture, commerce, transportation, as well as the sharp changes in the quantity, weight, variety and market of commodities; The distribution, sales, consumption level and consumption habits of commodities have put forward new and higher requirements for packaging. At the same time, new technologies, new materials and new equipment continue to emerge, especially the emergence of plastics, chemical fibers, metal boxes, composite materials, light alloys and various adhesives; In addition, the increase or decrease of the emerging sterilization, sealing, printing and packaging resistance indicates the direction of displacement. Decoration, plastic and metal processing, welding technology, coupled with the advantages provided by the application of hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronic and computer technologies in transmission, detection, measurement and control for packaging machinery, have made the packaging industry and packaging technology develop rapidly and widely. There are dozens of packaging technologies and methods, and about 40 modern technologies are cited. Packaging products have reached an unprecedented high level in terms of design, variety and scope of application, as well as the production volume, productivity, mechanization and automation of packaging machinery. This belongs to the stage of modernization

in addition, it should also be noted that the development of packaging technology is not only affected by science and technology, materials, machinery and equipment, but also to a large extent by some social factors. Carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) are affected in the processing process. Such as the production, circulation and sales of commodities, domestic and international trade exchanges, market demand, consumption level, consumption psychology and habits, as well as the impact of economic factors such as cost and price

China's packaging technology developed early in ancient times, and once reached the world's advanced level at that time, and it has national style and characteristics: for example, jewelry jewelry jewelry boxes, gift boxes and food boxes used by the court and upper society are carved with precious wood, even inlaid with gold and jade, or wrapped with brocade in wooden boxes; Bottles, jars, jars, etc. for wine are all made of gold, silver, copper, tin, jade, porcelain, pottery, etc. after exquisite processing or painting. In addition to being convenient to use, these packaging containers also have certain artistic value. Another example is the folk packaging of bamboo weaving, willow weaving, wood, ceramics, lacquerware, etc., which uses local materials and has local characteristics. Many of them are light and applicable, and the price is low. Another example is Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, which used pottery jars to hold wine, sealed with mud and painted, which is called "flower carving", which has good sealing and beautiful decoration, and once enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad. It is particularly worth mentioning that during the prosperous Tang Dynasty, the export of silk, porcelain, tea and other commodities to foreign countries through the maritime and land "Silk Road" had a unique packaging technology based on the 2019 new capacity plan

due to long-term feudal rule, semi feudal and semi colonial economy and foreign aggression, China's economy, production, science and technology have been in a backward state. Basically, there is no negative packaging industry, and packaging technology naturally cannot be developed

after the founding of new China, the national economy and industrial and agricultural production have recovered to development, science and technology have made continuous progress, and export trade has also increased rapidly. However, the packaging work has not received due attention. The losses caused by the lack of packaging or poor packaging of materials and commodities are as high as 10 billion yuan per year. It was not until the late 1970s and early 1980s that the state began to pay attention to packaging work, established management institutions, introduced technology and equipment, reorganized and newly built packaging enterprises, and began to formulate relevant regulations and standards, so that the packaging industry developed rapidly and packaging technology made corresponding progress. At present, on the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign technology, we have begun to research and develop packaging technology suitable for China's situation, and (2) the failure of buffer valve spring has achieved gratifying results

packaging technology is an integral part of the packaging system. At present, there is no unified explanation for the definition, scope and classification of packaging technology in the country. According to the general understanding, we believe that packaging technology is an important part of the packaging system, and it is the general term of the mechanism, principle, process and operation method of the technology involved in the Research of packaging process. The packaging process mainly refers to the whole process of packaging a product into a package and then entering the field of commodity circulation

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