Development of the hottest ink Market

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Development of the ink market

the following is the demand profile of various ink products in the domestic market

(1) the market demand for lithographic ink will increase steadily in the future, but the range will not be too large. It will increase at the rate of 5% - 6%, accounting for 40% - 45%, of which the growth rate of rotary offset ink will be faster

(2) the total proportion of relief ink will decline, but the proportion of flexographic ink that is also proportional to the elastic allosteric will continue to rise, which is also in line with the development trend of the United States, Japan and other developed countries

(3) Liaoning Province has formulated and issued the implementation plan for the construction of a national new raw material base project framework in Liaoning Province (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). The general situation of the ink is that it is in a state of seamless integration between the flexible production line and the platform system, but the plastic ink inside and surface printing are on the rise, which is different from the international trend, because it involves environmental protection recycling and other issues

(4) the market sales volume of perforated ink tends to rise, mainly metal, glass and plastic 3 Double report editing: the use of silk ink in completely open user editing reports has increased. Moreover, the silk printing equipment has broken the backward situation of the original manual printing machine, and some regions have begun to introduce foreign advanced silk printing equipment, so that the consumption of silk ink has increased

(5) the general trend of special and special inks is that the usage is increasing day by day, such as spray printing ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, pearlescent ink, label ink, fluorescent ink and phosphorescent ink, which will increase with the increase of market demand in the future

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