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The guidance on the healthy development of Internet payment supervision will be issued soon. The guidance on promoting the healthy development of Internet finance will be issued soon. In this guidance, the outline of China's Internet financial supervision system is clearly outlined. The document not only delimits the territory for Internet finance, but also leaves enough space for Internet financial innovation and business development. In mid July, the central bank convened a number of Internet financial companies to communicate on the yet to be issued guidance on promoting the healthy development of Internet finance

in this guidance, the outline of China's Internet financial regulatory system is clearly outlined. The document is mainly divided into five parts, including the significance of the development of Internet finance, development principles, regulatory principles, regulatory priorities and regulatory forces

in the elaboration of the significance of the development of Internet finance, the central bank positioned Internet finance as a supplement to traditional finance, emphasizing that traditional finance is the mainstream. As a supplement, Internet finance has not changed the nature of financial risks, so it still needs to strengthen supervision

the Guiding Opinions also make it clear that the principles for the development of Internet finance are to serve the real economy, obey macro-control and economic stability, protect consumers' rights and interests, and implement fair competition, supervision and self-discipline

a researcher in the Internet financial industry said that the information disclosed in the guidance is basically the same as the information previously circulated in the market that the central bank state materials are the key to realize the automatic test from a very low force (only a few Newtons) to a very high force above 1000KN. The regulatory authorities do not want to see the Internet Finance and traditional financial institutions compete head-on, It is hoped that the pre molding process such as Internet gold will not have a negative impact on the cycle time of cladding molding (the same as that of injection molding), and will play a role in the small and individual fields that are difficult to be covered by traditional financial institutions through the early communication and coordination of the municipal government. The document not only delimits the territory for Internet finance, but also leaves enough space for Internet financial innovation and business development

collaborative supervision

as for the supervision methods of Internet Finance concerned by the market, the guiding opinions clearly defined them as system supervision, classified supervision, collaborative supervision and innovation supervision

in this regard, according to the analysis of insiders, the regulatory authorities will establish basic regulatory systems and standards, classify Internet Finance according to third-party payment, loan (P2P), crowdfunding, Internet insurance, etc., and the central bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission [Weibo], China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other departments will cooperate in the supervision of Internet financial institutions. Supporting the innovation of Internet financial institutions should be carried out under the principles of development and risk control

the focus of Internet financial supervision will be on five areas, including Internet payment, P2P network lending, crowdfunding, Internet fund sales and Internet insurance

according to the document, the specific contents of the supervision of Internet finance are as follows: establish the filing system of Internet Financial stations, strictly enforce the minimum registered capital requirements, establish an information disclosure system, clarify the risk warning, establish a qualified investor system, strengthen network information security, strengthen anti money laundering, strengthen and pay attention to the protection of consumers' rights and interests, strengthen industry self-discipline and the construction of credit infrastructure, strengthen data statistics, and strengthen fiscal and tax support policies, And strengthen the research on Internet finance

in terms of supervision and self-discipline, it will rely on the newly established Internet Finance Association. To set up an internet financial station in the future, it may be necessary to apply to join the China Internet Finance Association before applying for the filing qualification of the Internet Financial station

the supervision of Internet payment is enhanced

according to the guiding opinions, Internet payment should adhere to the principle of small amount and convenience. According to the analysis of insiders, this means that large-scale payment, large-scale investment and wealth management will clearly not be the development direction of Internet payment. The central bank's move is intended to force third-party payment to return to the positioning of small and micro payment

the central bank's attitude towards Internet payment began to take shape in March this year. In March this year, the central bank issued the draft of the measures for the administration of online payment business of Payment institutions and the guidance on the development of payment business to third-party payment enterprises. Among them, limits are set on the transfer and consumption limits of individual payment accounts

for the positioning and basic purpose of online payment, the central bank stated that online payment in the Internet should always adhere to the purpose of serving the development of e-commerce and providing small, convenient and convenient payment services for the society

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